6 Lighting Ideas for Every Room in Your Home

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One of the most rewarding things I have seen in my years as a home inspector is how creative buyers are in improving the features of their home. Rather than leaving everything “as is,” some folks like to redesign the living room. Re-doing the lighting in a house can truly beautify it, open it up and allow the owners to showcase not only their homes but also their personality.

Here are some creative upgrades homebuyers have done to enhance their homes with beautiful new lighting schemes:

1. Multiple Fixtures – One overhead fixture is really not enough to light a large room. Recessed pot lights (also known as can lights) in the corners can help brighten a room. If you’re not a fan of recessed lighting, multiple hanging fixtures can be an option. Fixtures with simple designs and clean silhouettes can make a large room have more intimate and elegant feel.

2. Ceiling Accents – Recessed lighting all the way around the perimeter of a room is a really creative way to highlight the ceiling’s architecture. This method provides soft accent light and it’s also a more uncommon way to light a room. It can give your home that one-of-a-kind feeling.

3. Triple Lighting – To make the living room space stands out, you need three kinds of light. These are accented light, ambient light, and task light. The ambient light really depends on how much window space and glass the room has. For accent lights, there is a huge variety of different hanging fixtures to choose from. For task lights, elegant table and reading lamps are great. This can be used in the evening when you want to relax with a good book to read.

4. Unique Sconces – Sconce lights can be a great choice for the bedrooms.You can find modern sconces that are adjustable. You can also direct the light to a certain spot. Although usually, sconce lights are directed upwards. Older children (tweens and up) may also enjoy this style because it can function as a task light too.

5. Mix and Match Fixture – There’s no rule that says every lighting fixture in a room has to match! Classical fixtures, such as a chandelier and wall sconces, combined with modern lamps can give the room a unique flair. Mixing different eras of lighting is a way to give the room some character and make it your own. Be bold. Play with different combinations to achieve uniqueness.

6. The Statement Fixture – Nothing stands out more than a bold statement fixture for the living room. Lighting designers have come up with a broad range of creative statement fixtures in recent years, so you’re sure to find something that will match the decor you want. There are geometric or “Sputnik” chandeliers for a more modern look, farmhouse fixtures if you’re going for a more rustic style, multi-light pendant fixtures for a splash of elegance, and so much more.

Once you start looking at the many creative designs that are out there, you will find that the biggest challenge will be deciding which lighting options you would want for your house. The key is to decide on what kind of style and feel you want to achieve. But really, the sky is truly the limit once you own the home you dreamed of and you’re ready to put your own style in it!

Start scouting for beautiful lighting fixtures this week and give your home a brand new look with these tips!

We wish you the best with your upcoming Spring Upgrades!