6 Ways to Keep Your House Cool Naturally

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Although summertime comes with wonderful tidings, the extreme heat can sometimes be overwhelming. In fact, many American homes spend hundreds of dollars in utility bills to keep their homes cool yearly. Buying and running a new AC unit in your new home can be an expensive ordeal, especially if you just bought the home. Here are five proven ways to keep your home cool naturally without air conditioning.

Swap Your Sheets. Changing your beddings every so often freshens up your bedroom and leaves a cool feeling. Choose beddings made with cotton as it breathes faster and helps keep the room cool compared to materials such as flannel and fleece. Save those for winter since they are good insulators. You may also enjoy a buckwheat pillow in summer because the air space between them prevents them from packing up the heat.

Keep Your Body Cool. When you make an effort to keep your body cool, the temperature in the rest of the room won’t matter much. Choose clothing that allows your body to breathe like loose vests and shorts, dip a piece of clothing into cold water and apply on your neck or even dip your feet into cold water when the temperature gets high. Find other clever ways to keep cool and the summer will just fly by.

Keep Your Blinds Closed. There is a high percentage of heat that comes through the windows during summer just as the cold gets in during winter. Therefore, keeping your blinds and curtains closed will reduce the temperature of your home by 20 degrees or more. This is especially so for windows that face west or south. Go for blackout curtains as they are even better at reducing heat gain compared to regular curtains.

Set Your Fans To Revolve Counter-Clockwise. Ceiling fans should be adjusted seasonally in order to regulate the amount of heat in the home effectively. Setting it to run counter-clockwise during the summer will create a wind breeze effect that will leave you feeling cool. You will also find that turning on the fans in your bathroom and kitchen gets rid of the hot air generated while taking a steamy shower and cooking respectively.

Ditch The Incandescent Lights. Incandescent bulbs emit a lot of heat which results in increased temperatures in the home. Moreover, they waste a lot of energy in the process resulting in high electric bills. Replace them with CFLs or fluorescent bulbs and reduce both the temperature in your home and the electricity bill.

Let The Night Air In. Temperatures usually drop during the night in summer. Make use of this by opening windows at night to let the cool air in. This will greatly reduce the temperature in your home and allow everyone to sleep soundly. Be sure to wake up early and close the windows before the sun rises.

Although these few tips will help you keep cool for the summers if you really want to avoid using the AC for a long period you need to take into consideration some long-term solutions. Invest in insulated window films that work the same as blinds. You may also plant trees or vines near windows to prevent sun rays from getting inside your home.