Carpet Buying Guide For Pet Owners

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Whether your home is host to a new puppy, an aging cat, or you’re running a mini zoo, choosing the right carpet quickly becomes a very big deal. Pets of all ages can experience bathroom accidents. Claws and nails of both cats and dogs can get caught in some types of carpet, causing damage to the carpet as well as the nails, so choices of both wall to wall carpet and area rugs need to be carefully considered.

What Not to Choose
When making the right choice about carpeting, it is important to know what to rule out. One of the first things to take off the list is natural fibers, including wool or sisal. This is especially true if you have cats because they are more likely to be tempted to scratch at the carpet, but dogs scratch too, especially when they are feeling playful. Another difficult choice is the carpet that is a shag texture or that has a high pile, both are hard to clean. Also, be sure any rugs are carpeting do not have loose loops, as your pets claws may get caught in them.

Considering Wall to Wall Carpeting
Some experts are adamantly against a wall to wall carpeting and insist that pet owners choose vinyl or some other similar flooring and only pick out rugs that can be taken to the cleaners on a regular basis. However, there are choices for pet owners. Home Depot carries a line of Pet Proof carpets that are available in many different colors and textures.

Whether you are choosing carpeting or another type of flooring it is important to weigh several factors including:

1) Scratch and damage resistance

Pet traction and Pet comfort.
Wood floors are usually not advisable, but if they are a must for your style choose harder woods like oak, cherry, or walnut as opposed to woods like pine or fir. While wood is an iffy choice when it comes to accidents and scratching, it can make life easier if your pets are shedders.

Choosing carpet is likely to make your pet comfy, but watch out for loops. Carpets specifically designed to repel stains can make cleanup easier. Laminate and vinyl are popular with many because they are easy to clean, but they can be slippery and it can be harder for kids and pets to find their footing.

Remember the Carpet Padding
If you are installing on replacing carpet, you will also need to consider the carpet padding. if you have stains on the carpet, most likely you have stains on the padding as well, so this will need replacing at the same time. Make sure whatever is installed is as moisture and stain resistant as possible.

Pet owners experience a lot of joy from their pets, but at times there is some sacrifice involved, such as having carpets professionally cleaned more often, and paying extra attention to housebreaking tasks, general grooming, and nail trimming. Also consider having plenty of area rugs, carpet remnant pieces, and pet beds available in lower traffic areas of your home.