Get That Backyard Makeover You Want Without Breaking Your Wallet

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Particularly in the summer months, relaxing in your own attractive backyard is one of the great joys of home ownership.

But getting your outdoor space to look just the way you want it can seem like a daunting and potentially pricey task if you’re not sure how to set about it.

Fortunately, though, there are many simple and inexpensive ways of quickly transforming even the smallest and most previously neglected of spaces; and you won’t have to involve professional designers or use any outside labor at all.

Define and Enhance Your Outdoor Spaces
No matter how neat, tidy and well-tended it may be, a simple rectangle of grass, earth or concrete is likely to seem boring and uninviting.

So one of the best starting points for a backyard makeover is to break up this space, however small, into a number of defined areas.

Building a compact patio, deck or grilling station is both simpler and less expensive than you might imagine; and if space permits, why not add a firepit?

At the very least, you can easily create a dedicated and comfortable seating area with budget-friendly outdoor tables and chairs.

Cover that Concrete
Your seating area can be made much more appealing by the imaginative use of colorful rugs and throws. Even quite large areas of concrete can be effectively and attractively covered by patterned slates or even rugs and mats.

Then you can further enhance your seating area with container plants (see below).

Create a Garden Path
Even if it’s not strictly necessary to access the far corners of your yard, a garden path will break your yard into sections and add visual interest to even the most unpromising of outdoor spaces.

Mulches, such as woodchips or tree bark, and gravel are inexpensive but attractive and practical path options which are easy to work with.

You can also use a pattern of bricks, stones or slabs and make your path as formal or informal in appearance as you like.

All you have to do to create your path is to dig out its route, and lay down your chosen material. Heavy stepping stone type paths are probably the simplest of all and will need little or no maintenance.

Loose gravel or mulch will require edging, but this can be done with budget-friendly materials and is easily disguised by lining the path border with plants.

Put up a Garden Trellis
Having one or more sides of your yard dominated by a bare brick or concrete wall, or wooden fence, is a sure way to kill its appeal.

But this problem can be easily solved by fixing up a simple garden trellis. There’s a wide variety of flowering plants which will love to climb the trellis and quickly fill the bare space with leaves and color.

An even simpler option is to paint the yard wall or fence a different color to the rest of the house. This will make a surprising difference to the light and atmosphere in the yard itself.

Use Container Plants
Strategically placed container plants can add an instant blaze of color to unused or unappealing bare spaces in your yard.

The right choice of a plant will vary according to your climate zone, but wherever you live there’s a wide range of inexpensive options which will provide year-round interest, scent, and color.

Containers can be artfully arranged to provide a screen of privacy or to define areas for seating or grilling. As a bonus, your plants will also attract birds and butterflies to make your new-look yard teem with life.

Enjoy your New Backyard
Apply a few of these simple makeover tips and with a minimal investment of time and cash, you can enjoy a great backyard the whole year round.

And having an attractive yard like this will not just be a source of joy for you as the owner. It will also be a major plus if you ever come to think of selling your home.