Residential Inspections

Congratulations, you have a contract pending! Now you need to choose a home inspection company.

house-with-a-sold-signWhere do I begin?

FIRST, if you were buying a car, wouldn't you take it for a test drive? Not all Inspection reports are created equal. Burgess Inspection Group's report is easy to read and follow. It includes digital photos and a summary page of all defects that helps you and your Realtor easily put together a list of requested repairs.  Take a look at our sample inspection report.

SECOND, please download this Inspection Comparison Sheet (PDF) so you can compare Burgess to the other Inspection companies and you will know what questions to ask.

THIRD, in the State of Texas, just about anybody can become a home inspector. All you have to do is take a few classes and pass an exam and PRESTO, you have a license to inspect.  Make sure you don't trust the biggest investment of your life with someone who has only completed a few home inspections. Burgess Inspection Group has provided Peace of Mind to  Buyers  since 1969.

FOURTH, consider the questions below carefully before choosing your Home Inspector:

Questions to Ask At a Minimum Burgess Inspection Group
How long has the inspector or inspection company been in the inspection business? Longevity gives comfort that the inspector will be around in the future should any issues arise.  Your investment is far too important to rely on someone without adequate experience. Burgess has been providing Peace of Mind to satisfied clients since 1969!
How many inspections has the inspector or company performed? Make sure you choose a seasoned inspector that has real life inspection experiences and not just book and classroom hours. Burgess Inspection Group has performed over 180,000 inspections!  Our inspectors each do up to  2 inspections every day, 6 days a week.
Is the Inspector Full-Time or Part-Time Your inspector needs to focus on nothing but you and your home not about what he has to do later that day at his other job. All Burgess Inspectors are full time inspectors.  They devote all of their time inspecting properties, educating and satisfying clients.  They have a passion for home inspections.
When will the completed report be delivered? Often the buyer is under a critical time line and needs the report in hand as soon as possible to read, review, and respond.  The best companies can deliver the report to you on site, right at the home, just as the inspection is completed. Most inspection companies make you wait for the report to be delivered at a later time.  Burgess Inspection Group strives to complete your report on site -printed, emailed and all questions answered. We know how important it is for you to have a hard copy in hand so you can make important decisions.
Can the report be emailed? In today's fast-paced hi-tech world, many buyers can't attend the inspection and need to be able to view the report via email. All of the Burgess Inspectors' laptops and tablets have the capability to email reports on-site.
Does the completed report include photographs? Often, the report will include descriptions of damage or defects in locations of the home that only the inspector was able to access, like roof-tops or crawl spaces.  You will want pictures of these critical areas to make your understanding of the scope and location of the damage. Burgess Inspection Group includes pictures in all our reports.
Is the Inspector dual licensed with both TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) and the Structural Pest Control Service? Most home buyers today order both the TREC Structural & Mechanical inspection as well as a WDI (Wood Destroying Inspect) report better know as a 'Termite' report. All of the Burgess Inspectors are licensed with TREC and the Structural Pest Control Service so we can handle both inspections at the same time.
Will the inspector allow you as the client to attend the inspection? There is no substitute for the complete inspection experience; the report generated is only a small piece.  When you attend the inspection, see the process, ask questions, and become educated about your home, you'll gain great comfort and confidence in your buying decision. Burgess Inspection Group encourages all customers to attend the inspection; ideally towards the end so the inspector can review the reports with client/agent.  We find the buyer gets a better sense of understanding and confidence when we are able to show and explain to them in person.
Does the report include a summary page of the defects? Homebuyers should read the entire inspection report to make sure nothing is overlooked, but we have found that most buyers are more interested in what defects were uncovered.

Burgess Inspection Group includes a summary page of all defects uncovered which makes it very easy for the Homebuyer and Realtor to put together a repair list without having to search the entire report.


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