“I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to Val and his sincere expertise in performing the inspection.  He was GREAT!  He really helped me understand what we were looking at with this home.  He allowed me to tail him as he inspected and by doing this  I learned a lot about what I was walking into.  His professionalism was second to none and he truly took the time to help me feel as comfortable as possibl.  He did his job with sincere detail.  He’s a great member of the team.”

March, 29 2017
Cameron – Client, 2014

“Daniel Braggs did my inspection.  I wish I had had time to find his boss to let him know how much I enjoyed the inspection and how helpful he was.  He did a great job and I am glad we chose Burgess and got Daniel as our inspector.”

March, 29 2017
Kelly – Client, 2014

“I’ve been working with Val Garcia for a couple of years now.  He is professional with my clients and does not scare them when he goes through the inspection report.  He explains everything thoroughly and is upfront with them as to whether there is truly a problem or if it is just part of a pre-owned home condition.  He always lets us know if we need additional inspections or if its just a maintenance item.  I’ve worked with several inspectors and not all of them know what they are doing.  His reports are comprehensive and easy to undertand.  My clients are able to easily refer to the report and most importantly it is easy for me to write up the repair request to the seller.  The price is very reasonable and competitive.”

March, 29 2017
Jillian – Realtor Mathew Real Estate Team, 2016

“Really like working with this company.  They helped schedule a somewhat last minute inspection.  The inspector was very professional, while making sure that any questions I had were answered.  It was great hearing from the inspector that “My job is to protect you and your family” instead of feeling like someone was just trying to take my money.  Will definitely use this group again and recommend them very highly!”  (Bruce Barcuch was the inspector)

March, 29 2017
Client, 2016

“I wanted to send Bruce Grissom a quick note to thank  him for the inspection yesterday and to  thank him for how respectful he was to my client.  Not a lot of people have the patience to explain things, especially in a way that someone with lesser experience can understand.  My client was thoroughly impressed with Bruce and his work product (as was I!) and I am very appreciative of the manner in which he treated her.”

March, 29 2017
Tom – Realtor, 2015

“Thanks to Tony Mitchell for staying late to review the report with my client.  My client told me that she had never seen anyone provide such a thorough inspection with such detailed color pictures.”

March, 29 2017
Dennis – Realtor, Coldwell Banker

“Thank you Spencer!” (Spencer Johns)  “You did a fabulous job.”

March, 29 2017
Sue – Client, 2015

“I have been using Val Garcia for several months and have been so very impressed with how meticulous he is with his inspections.  I have been in Real Estate for 4 years and used several different inspectors.  Some good, some bad, but Val is definitely the best.  He is off the charts!!  His pride in his job is evident.  He goes the extra mile to explain to my clients not only the findings in his report, but also how their homes work.  I am very customer oriented and so is Val.  He realizes that homebuyers ask a lot of questions and he takes the time to answer every one of them, as well as walking them through the home and explaining his findings.  I am so impressed with the work he does and feel blessed to have Val on my team.”

March, 29 2017
Cheryl – KW Real Estate Agent

“I wanted to say that it was a pleasure meeting Tony (Tony Mitchell) today.  I appreciated his thoroughness and sensitivity while maintaining a professional composure.  His picture presentation was tremendous in helping me get a clear idea of where the house stands at this moment in time.”

March, 29 2017
Gloria – Client 2014

“I was a first time homebuyer so I had a lot of questions, concerns and some apprehension as I went into this and Burgess made me feel right at home. The inspector answered all my questions and went through the whole process with me. The inspector showed me everything I needed to know about issues with the home and it was a very positive experience for me.”

November, 07 2016
Derek Smith