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About Us

The Best Residential and Commercial Inspection Service in the Dallas Forth Worth Metroplex!

Founded in 1969, we are proud to be a third-generation family-owned and operated business in the state of Texas.


Over the last 51 years, we have performed over 187,000 inspections. Our outstanding track record, quality client service, and history working in the real estate inspection industry has earned us the trust and respect of home buyers and real estate professionals — recognizing us as the best inspection service provider in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

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Beyond TREC Certified

If you’re looking for the most qualified inspection service, we wrote the book on real estate home inspections. Literally. 


Russell W. Burgess, our founder, helped start the real estate home inspection industry in Texas as a way to better service all real estate clients. He authored 5 editions of Real Estate Home Inspections: Mastering the Profession and went on to be a charter member of The Texas Association of Real Estate Inspectors.


Home and commercial inspections run in our blood. It has been our mission and passion to deliver the most thorough inspection for each and every client since 1969.


Our inspectors will perform the most thorough inspection, every time. Foundation concerns? Plumbing issues? Termites? Water damage? We perform inspections not just to the Texas Real Estate Commission standard, but to the Burgess standard. 


Our hands-on, thorough process is focused on the people we serve. We understand how important the purchase or sale of your property is to you and your family. That’s why it is a personal point of pride for us that our name is proudly displayed on every inspection report we deliver to our clients. 


Feel confident that Burgess will help you make the most educated decision when it comes to all your inspection needs.

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